A new build tool in OSB 11gR1PS6

OSB 11gR1PS6 ( is out with a new offline config jar tool !

Many customers use Eclipse to build their projects. In the previous version OSB provided a way to create config jars via scripting (ant task) by leveraging the Eclipse IDE in headless mode.

Using this method, customers can create Config jars but only at project level, and without support for system resources.

For many customers the use of OEPE in build environment is not possible because OEPE is not supported on AIX systems.

Customers would like to remove the restriction to use Eclipse and be able to create a Config Jar form artifacts on the file system with a tool depending only on runtime libraries, and with the configuration flexibility provided in the console.

A new tool is provided in the PS6 version located in the $ALSB_HOME/tools/configjar directory.

./configjar.sh -settingsfile /myapplication/settings.xml -debug

The settings.xml file contains all the information about the build of the ressources and projects :

<configjarSettings xmlns= »http://www.bea.com/alsb/tools/configjar/config »>
<project dir= »/oracle/Workspace/MY_PROJECT »/>
<system  dir= »/oracle/Workspace/MY_CONF »/>

<configjar jar= »/oracle/export/sbconfig.jar »>
<projectLevel includeSystem= »true »/>

A new ant build is also available configjar-ant.xml


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